SPECIALIST physical therapy and fitness training at your home or two convenient clinic locations

Sarah SHEA

  • “I strongly recommend Sarah to all my friends.  Her therapeutic approach is very practical in terms of injury recovery (in my case a chronic low back issue) and reasonable in terms of preparing for new athletic goals (in my case training for 5 days on the Inca Trail).  She is my go to person in both situations." EB
  • Sarah is inspiring!  She helped me to physically recover from two surgeries. Not only did she guide and empower me to regain my physical strength, but trained me in my home to achieve my personal goal of being fit for heli-skiing. VG
  • I have had back issues for years and it seemed that my aching back was beginning to interfere with my every day activities.  Three years ago, I  was fortunate to be introduced to Sarah in a physical therapy setting.  She was very professional and knowledgeable and was able to accurately assess my condition.  With her combined expertise in both physical therapy techniques as well as fitness instruction, Sarah has been able to teach me how best to manage my back pain and provide me with exercises that would maintain my strength and flexibility. LL

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